Cambridgeshire ACRE Community Oil Buying Scheme

Notices from Liz Wright

Fuel prices are forecast to rise, mainly due to the situation in the Crimea.

Affinity direct buy price yesterday 52.96ppl +VAT

Internet prices in Cambridgeshire examples 52.40ppl 53.25ppl and 54.75 ppl all exclusive of VAT@5%

If you wanted to get ‘emergency delivery before Easter it was 58.75ppl online.

You can see prices obtained throughout 2012 and 2013 and now 2014 on

The next date for ordering is the 6th May. We shall be placing orders on or around this date throughout the year.

Liz won't be calling members until September so if you want oil during the summer months please phone or email her

and she will place the order. Please note the dates for ordering which will be the first week of every month.

Anyone interested in joining this collective buying scheme should either

contact liz wright on 01354 741538 or who is the local co-ordinator

 Councillor Liz Wright is the local co-ordinator.   Email (

Our bulk-buying scheme for domestic heating oil aims to bring communities together to make the most of joint buying power so that greater savings can be made and passed on to customers.

Anyone can join the Scheme; domestic users, community groups such as village halls or even businesses. All members pay a small annual membership fee but this is more than offset by the savings made on oil orders.

To work really efficiently, the Scheme needs to recruit volunteers as Local Co-ordinators. These are local people who collate the oil orders for scheme members in their village once a month and pass the information on to us; and who then let the local members know the cost per litre and the delivery date once it’s been negotiated. 
Local Co-ordinators get free membership of the scheme. Scheme members can order as many times as they like during the year, and the price will be negotiated centrally to get the best possible deal.
Full details of how the scheme works are set out in two leaflets – one for prospective members of the scheme and one for people who might be interested in becoming a Local Co-ordinator – which can be downloaded from the Resources and Downloads area. You will also find an Oil Prices listing showing the prices members have paid for their oil over the last 12 months.
If you wish to join the scheme, either print out, complete and send us your membership form by post or fill in the online application form and submit it to us electronically.

For further enquiries, please contact Julie Weekes on 01353 865032 or email: